Introducing Lintratek Mobile Signal Booster

Lintratek is commonly used in Nigeria to boost poor voice calls, data and sms network. Lintratek can boost 2g/3g/4g network. All you need is at least one signal bar on your mobile phone and Lintratek signal booster will handle the rest.

Lintratek consist of three primary elements mainly – Exterior antenna, Amplifier and Interior antenna. They create a wireless structure to enhance mobile reception.

Benefits of Lintratek

  • You will get a complete set of repeater with its components
  • It functions on all mobile phones, tablets and other cellular components
  • Its frequency is made to suit all Nigeria network be it mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile
  • Its affordable and durable

How Lintratek Works

Lintratek is required where there is poor mobile phone reception. The quality of the mobile phone signal is obstructed in areas where there is structural obstruction. This is where Lintratek comes into play.

How to Get Lintratek

Lintratek is imported and distributed by Rocaphela Ventures. To boost customer confidence in our products we offer pay on delivery. The price of Lintratek components is only 50,000 including logistics. Delivery is handled by GIG logistics.

Please and please, if you know you will not be available to take the order or dont have the money at hand please do not fill the form below. We do not entertain time wasters and unserious buyers. It costs a lot to ship goods to the buyers location and to even return it back costs extra. Fill the form below if you are serious to make the purchase.

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