Lintratek - Signal Booster

Lintratek is the best triband mobile signal booster available in Nigeria. It is compatible for improving voice calls, sms delivery and data speeds of all major Nigeria networks such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE.

About Lintratek - Mobile Signal Booster

Lintratek is the best triband mobile signal booster available in Nigeria. It is compatible for improving voice calls, sms delivery and data speeds of all major Nigeria networks such as mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile. Lintratek can boost 2G, 3G and 4G network. So whether you want an enhanced service for 4g, look further but Lintratek. All you need is at least one signal bar on your mobile phone and Lintratek signal booster will handle the rest.

When you buy lintratek,
you get four major components for
installing the booster namely:

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Exterior Antenna
Interior Antenna
Interior Antenna
Exterior Antenna
Coax cable

With these four components, you will be sure of a wireless and seamless network to enhance mobile reception. Benefits of Lintratek

Benefits of Lintratek

You will get the complete set of all that is needed to make your mobile signal repeater functional. The hanger for mounting the exterior antenna is provided. You will not buy any other thing.

Lintratek is a do-it-yourself mobile signal booster in the sense that you can install it yourself If you want to without seeking the services of a network installer. It is easy to install and you do not need the service of an installer or any technical installation experience to install.
However, if it looks too complicated for you, you can seek the services of an installer, which will not cost you more than 5000naira.

Its frequency is made to suit all Nigeria networks be it mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile.

It is affordable and durable. You can expect to use it for many years without any issue of any kind.

It works with less electric current. Even if your electric current is usually low, once you use stabilizer to power the booster for persons whose electric current is low, this device will eliminate it. You can also make use of 950 tiger generator, it does not consume much light.

How Lintratek Works

Lintratek cell phone signal booster is a high demand repeater that has become popular in the past years in Nigeria moving from village to city. It improves already available 2g, 3g and 4g lte networks. It will enhance your call quality, weak mobile signal, phone availability and deliver quicker data speeds.
If you have usable signal outside of your house, shop, office, but the signal is weak and no signal inside of your house or shop, then lintratek cell phone signal booster will enhance your signal strength and cell network.
If the reason why you need a mobile signal booster is because you want to stop drop calls, slow data speeds and unsent text messages, then you need to buy lintratek today.
Lintratek, which many may know as cell phone signal booster, signal extender, cell phone repeater, signal amplifier, delivers by extracting weak outside signal, enhancing it and rerunning the enhanced signal to the needed regions. They also function in reverse; the signal enhanced will get the signal from your device and deliver it back to the tower.
Lintratek is specially designed for office, homes, buildings both commercial and individual, and other places that requires signal. Bear in mind that for lintratek signal booster to function effectively, you need an existing signal. A cell phone signal repeater improves an existing signal, it does not make it. As long as you have one signal bar on your phone, then you should expect lintratek to work effectively for you.

How Lintratek Works

1. An external antenna – that gets the weak cell phone signal
2. An amplifier – it will boost the weak signal
3. An internal antenna – used to redistribute the improved signal inside of your place.
4. Coax cable – it will link the main three components. They are made to send high frequency electrical signals over an area with low signal loss.

Lintratek is the best signal booster available today. It covers a big area with considerable outside signal or a midsize place with weak outdoor signal. It delivers up to 7500 sq feet of coverage with perfect outside signal.


How to Get Lintratek

Lintratek is imported and distributed by Rocaphela Ventures. To boost customer confidence in our products we offer pay on delivery. The price of Lintratek components is  80,000naira, inclusive of logistics. Delivery is handled by GIG logistics.

Please and please, if you know you will not be available to take the order or dont have the money at hand please do not fill the form below. We do not entertain time wasters and unserious buyers. It costs a lot to ship goods to the buyers location and to even return it back costs extra. Fill the form below if you are serious to make the purchase.

yoobao power bank

Introducing A 72,000Mah Yoobao Power Station which you can use to power this signal booster. If you want this signal booster to be always on and not go off as a result of light, then this power station is your sure bet to always have this booster working. This power bank can power this repeater for a full day when it is fully charged. You can either charge with electricity, generator or solar panel, it takes less than 2 hours to be fully charged and it can power this booster for a full day.  If you want to buy the power bank together with the booster, tick the option box for it below while placing your order. The price is only 150,000 naira for the 72,000mah power bank, inclusive of logistics.

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1) Please do not order if you are not ready to receive your order within the next 3 to 5 working days.

2) If you are traveling or already traveled, please don’t order except you have someone that will collect on your behalf .

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4) If you do not pick calls from unknown numbers please don’t order.

5) Please do not order for fun

6) We do not like I have spent the money before you bring it.

7) We do not like I have used the money for another thing.

8) Please make sure ₦80,000 is ready before you place order.

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